The New Star of Dentac Technology: Vega


We are here with great news! As Dentac, we are proud to introduce you to a magnificent product designed to push the boundaries and start a new era in the field of dentistry: Dentac VEGA LED Polymerization Device!

Magic Touches of Dentac VEGA:

 Wide Wavelength Range: 385 nm – 515 nm, perfect for flawless polymerization of dental materials.

Seven Different Modes: Standard, Soft Start, Active Soft Start, Pulse Delay, Ortho, Customizable and Library Mode to provide customized solutions for your needs.

Long-Term Performance: Enjoy uninterrupted use with the 2040 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.

Durable Design: Lightweight aluminum case, easy grip and long life.

With these amazing features, Dentac VEGA is designed to make your dental practice more efficient and comfortable.

18 January 2024
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