Our company, which adopts innovation and diversity as a principle, is a big team under Dentac with all its employees. As we grow, we know that our team also needs to grow. We care about their career goals and support their personal development. Keeping up with the dynamic structure of the sector, we are adding new ones to our goals every day. On this path, we want to take our steps forward together with our valuable teammates.


Let's explore together.
There are countless new tasks, positions and many opportunities to explore and develop.


Let's enjoy our work.
Designing work-life balance and see the benefits enjoy the rewards; it is definitely worth it.


Let's inspire each other.
Inspire for a better today and tomorrow by staying true to your values and shaping the future.

Recruitment Process

In case of a need for personnel, the Human Resources Department determines the qualifications required for the position and announces the vacancy through career announcement websites and/or Linkedin ads. and the recruitment process is initiated.

Email to send their CVs; info@dentac.com

Follow our Dentac LinkedIn account.
  • You can apply to our active job postings via kariyer.net website. For general applications, you can send your resume to the info@dentac.com address.

  • Follow our Öncü Dental HR LinkedIn account.