Quality Management

Dentac guarantees to provide the same quality product based on total quality philosophy in all production stages.
One of the foundations of our quality management system is to increase the efficiency of all our processes to a level that can compete at national and international level based on a continuous improvement approach. Our company has identified the processes required for the quality management system, determined the criteria and methods necessary for the effective realization of these processes, provided the necessary resources, and monitors and measures them in every field. It implements the necessary activities for continuous improvement of these processes and achievement of the planned results.

Quality Policy

We adopt quality as a core value. Our quality policy according to this standard;

  • To provide quality and reliable service by fulfilling the requirements of the Quality Management System in all our activities

  • To be a reliable company that correctly understands the needs and expectations of the customer and produces solutions in the most effective way.

  • To use developing and up-to-date technologies and to continuously improve product quality by closely following the developments in the sector, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing pre-sales and after-sales technical support.

  • To realize all the services we offer with our qualified employees who have learned the documentation in line with our policy, who manage the processes correctly and effectively, and who can implement our goals.

  • To keep employee satisfaction and motivation at the highest level, to organize training programs that support their development with a people-oriented approach and to provide the necessary resources to fulfill their responsibilities.

  • Based on the principle of efficiency, to make continuous improvement sustainable and to increase our efficiency in all our processes to a level that can compete internationally.

  • To be an exemplary company that respects the society and the environment we are in by ensuring the continuity of our quality understanding in order to achieve our quality targets in line with our policy.

Environmental Policy

As Dentac A.Ş. and its employees, we serve in line with the basic principles of "Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection" in all our processes. In this context, we are committed to the following principles;

  • To control, reduce and prevent the factors that cause environmental destruction with the idea of not polluting the environment instead of cleaning it,

  • To continuously improve our environmental performance and quality, and to contribute to raising the environmental awareness of our employees, suppliers, customers and society.

  • To minimize the environmental impacts that may arise from our activities and keep them under control. To carry out activities to support sustainable development and resource utilization.

  • To ensure the protection of the environment by assessing environmental impacts. To ensure the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems by ensuring the efficient use of energy and natural resources.

  • To provide trainings to increase the environmental awareness of our employees and to instill the idea that they should leave a clean environment to future generations.

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