99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -
99% Sterilization in 30 Seconds with UVC-LED -

When samples from different areas of the brush head sterilized for 30 seconds in the SonicSmile Sterilization Box were examined, it was proven that bacteria on the brush head were sterilized up to 99%.

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Laboratory tests have proven that after 3 weeks of use, the number of bacteria on the toothbrush reaches around 1 million.
This is equivalent to:

Bacteria in 9 glasses of tap water,
Bacteria on 29 metal coins,



80 times the amount of bacteria found in toilet water.

For this reason, toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three months. However, bacteria on the toothbrush can regenerate in a short period, as quickly as one or two days, making toothbrush sterilization crucial.

Unrivaled Sterilization Technology


When swab samples taken from different parts of the brush head sterilized for 30 seconds in the Sonicsmile Sterilization Box were examined, it was found that the bacteria formed on the brush head with a rate of up to %99 proven to be sterilized.

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Simply place the brush head in the box and close the lid.

Sterilization will start automatically.

Silent operation

Silent operation feature (47dB)

Smart Start

Increases brushing power 30 times in the first 3 seconds for easier use and provides a healthy sonic brushing experience


Stylish design with only 88 grams of weight

Smart Lock

Prevents minor accidents. Hold for 6 seconds to activate the lock and easily prevent unintended operation

Smart Time Setting

Automatically determines a 2-minute brushing time

Area Reminder

Activates every 30 seconds to remind you to change the brushing area Activates every 30 seconds to remind you to change the brushing area

Brush head with a 3D geometric design

Providing efficient cleaning power and a wide contact surface that directly touches each tooth.

Magnetic Charging Station

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Why SonicSmile electric toothbrush?

  • SonicSmile performs ten times more movements than traditional electric toothbrushes with 40,000 RPM swing per minute.
  • It has softer bristles, making it suitable for everyone, including those with tooth sensitivity.
  • SonicSmile ensures gentle contact of water and toothpaste with all teeth, including hard-to-reach areas such as the gum line.
  • Balanced swing effectively eliminates plaque.
  • SonicSmile provides an exceptional, deep clean across all teeth when combined with the movements of the brush head during the 2-minute brushing time.
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Sensitive Mode

Effective and gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums

Cleaning Mode

Effective cleaning for dental stains.

Whitening Mode

Provides a stronger cleaning effect for whiter teeth. Proven to help maintain teeth up to 2 shades whiter with regular use for 2-3 weeks.


Package Contents

  • 1 Toothbrush handle
  • 2 Sonic brush heads
  • 1 Sterilization and carrying case
  • 1 Magnetic charging station
  • 1 Charging cable
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What microorganisms can form on a toothbrush, and what are their effects on the body?

    Microorganisms such as oral bacteria can be found on toothbrushes. Bacteria like Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis can contribute to tooth decay or gum diseases. While many of these bacteria are generally harmless and may already be present in the mouth, their presence on a toothbrush can result from the moist environment. Regular cleaning, changing, and sterilization of toothbrushes are essential.

  • Why is the sterilization of a toothbrush important?

    Sterilization of a toothbrush is crucial because it helps:
    Remove Microorganisms: Sterilization eliminates bacteria and microorganisms that may accumulate on the toothbrush during use, ensuring its hygiene.
    Reduce the Risk of Infection: Sterilization reduces the potential for infection by minimizing the bacteria and microorganisms present on the toothbrush.
    Prevent Bad Smell: Accumulated microorganisms can cause unpleasant smell on the toothbrush. Sterilization helps prevent these smells.
    Support Oral Hygiene: A clean toothbrush contributes to overall oral hygiene, helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
    Prevent Various Health Issues: Sterilization can prevent oral health problems caused by the presence of microorganisms, positively affecting overall health. Regular sterilization is essential to maintain oral hygiene and reduce the risk of potential health issues.

  • How does UVC-LED Technology sterilize the SonicSmile toothbrush?

    UVC-LED Technology uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to sterilize the toothbrush. This technology disrupts the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of microorganisms, rendering them inactive and preventing reproduction. Here are a few stages of how UVC-LED Technology sterilizes the toothbrush:
    UVC Irradiation: UVC-LED emits ultraviolet rays, especially at a wavelength of 254 nanometers, directly onto the toothbrush's surface. These rays penetrate the cell membrane of microorganisms, damaging their genetic material.
    Genetic Material Damage: UVC rays damage the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing and surviving.
    Inactivation of Microorganisms: The rays applied by UVC-LED render bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms inactive. This eliminates potential pathogens from the toothbrush's surface.
    Sterilization and Ensuring Hygiene: UVC-LED Technology sterilizes the toothbrush by eliminating microorganisms, preventing the transfer of potentially harmful microbes into the mouth during use, ensuring a more hygienic toothbrush.
    UVC-LED Technology is considered an effective sterilization method, facilitating the regular cleaning of toothbrushes.

  • How can I tell if the sterilization box is working?

    Once you place the brush head inside the box and close the lid, the sterilization process will start automatically. The blue light under the box indicates that the sterilization process is active.

  • What are the differences between electric and manual toothbrushes?

    More Effective Cleaning: Electric toothbrushes can clean the tooth surface more effectively, removing plaque better and improving dental health.
    Time Setting: Some electric toothbrushes have features that help users control brushing time, ensuring optimal cleaning.
    Easier to Use: Electric toothbrushes require less manual effort compared to manual brushes, providing a more comfortable brushing experience for some users.
    Better Reach: Electric toothbrushes can provide better access to specific areas, especially challenging-to-reach areas such as between teeth or back molars.
    Special Modes and Settings: Some models offer special cleaning modes for individuals with sensitive teeth or gum issues, providing better customization to user needs.
    Dentist Recommendation: Many dentists recommend electric toothbrushes, noting their potential to improve dental health. These advantages may vary based on personal preferences and needs. Generally, electric toothbrushes offer superior hygiene compared to manual toothbrushes by providing effective cleaning and additional features.

  • What is SonicSmile's area reminder, and what is its purpose?

    SonicSmile Electric Toothbrush reminds you to change the brushing area every 30 seconds by pausing for 1 second. This ensures that you spend an equal amount of time on each quarter of the mouth, providing effective cleaning.

  • Can my child use SonicSmile Toothbrush?

    Yes, children aged 7 and above can.

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