PP+PE Disposable Body Protection Surgical Gowns

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DC2075 PP+PE Surgical Gown Single Pack
DC2076 PP+PE Surgical Gown With Ribbon Single Pack



Dentac PP+PE Disposable Surgical Gown is made of high-quality 25gr/m2 PP+PE fabric and offers
great comfort while using the products. It is suitable for daily use and use in hospitals and it can be
easily worn on a daily dress. Available in 2 different colors with light blue and white, so it appeals
to all medical requests. Optionally, the products are available with and without ribbons. The products
can be used by doctors and patients. The belt over the product helps to tighten it to be fit
by everybody. The product comes in plastic packaging with product label showing the products’
• PP+PE Fabric (Polypropylene Nonwoven Fabric + Polyethylene Nonwoven Fabric)
• Non Steril (Autoclavable at 134o)
• Anti-Alcohol, Anti-Blood, Anti-Oil, Anti-bacteria
• Waterproof, Alkaliproof
• Made of 25 g/m2 PP+PE Fabric
• Arms are available in both ribbon and rubbery models
• Can be worn easily on the dress
• Available in Light blue and White
• Breathable, Flexible
• Available in XL size 150x120 cm (Can also be provided in customized sizes)
• Unisex Design
Purpose of use: For the protection of the body from the drop particles
coming from outside and the bacteria carried in it.
Available in 2 colors : Light Blue White
Packing: Provided 1pc/bag
• Durable
• Available with or without ribbon design
• Easy to wear
• Breathable & Comfortable
• High quality isolation
• Easy to wear
• Available in 2 different Colors (White and Light Blue)
• Unisex Design

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