GoggleFace Shield

Product Code: DC2030

Goggle design

Elegant look

Suitable for Daily use

Full face protection

Made with high quality material

User friendly design

Durable for scratches

Ultra light 16gr

Comes with filmed 5 shields and 1 frame

Adaptable for glasses with extra apparatus

Durable for mist and scratches 

Available in 10 colors : Blue, Green, Pink, Transparent, Grey, Turquois, Red, White, Black, Orange 


The easy and simple design of the product provides quick facial protection. The acetate of the product does not mist. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfection. Its design allows for easy put on and take off. Since its design is in the style of glasses, there is no need for any uncomfortable additional connections that will surround the head. It can be quickly taked off from the head when needed. Since it is worn in the form of glasses, it does not create pain and pressure in head. It is suitable to be worn on the face for a long time. Because of its design, it is quite aesthetic. It can be used especially by specialists without hesitation throughout the day.


It is suitable to be cleaned with a solution such as alcohol and can be reused.


The purpose of use should be for the protection of the eye from the droplets and bacteria carried inside them. 


Certiificates: ISO, CE, FDA.


Packing Way: 1 Frame 5 Shields / 3 Frames 15 Shields



  • 180 degrees foldable shield
  • Perfect View
  • Film Covered Shield
  • Full Face Protection
  • Durable Build
  • Suitable for using all day

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