BodySafe 2045

Product Code: DC2045

• S, M, L, XL, XXL

Dentac BodySafe 2040 disposable coverall protects against infected agents, especially those that
can be transmitted through droplets. It has EN 14126 certificate. Spunbond PP non woven fabric is
used for long term use. There are air, water and gas tight special elastic bands at the seam joints.
It is not suitable for re-use. It provides comfortable movement thanks to its elastic waist, arm and
foot design. Unisex design allows it to be used by anyone. For full protection, it is recommended to
cover the open hand, foot and face periphery of the body with suitable materials such as; Ultraface
Shield, FoldaFace Shield, GoggleFace Shield, Provisor Goggle, T-Mask, Profeet Shoe Cover, Profeet Boot Cover.

• Leak-proof design
• Special elastic banded design at the seam joints
• Protects against droplets, dust and infected agents
• Elastic waist, arms, face circumference and ankle design
• Provides comfortable movement
• User Friendly
• Breathable Spunbond PP non-woven fabric (53 gr / M2)
• EN 14126 protection certificate
• Provides protection against chemical electrostatic pollution
• Light proof
• Does not contain latex
• Adhesive front zipper tape
• Hooded design, including chin
• Made of high quality material
• Interior design with sweat absorbing feature that does not irritate the skin
• Does not leave fiber spillage in the working environment
• Lightweight design does not cause discomfort in long-term use.

Purpose of use: for the protection of the body from
the drop particles coming from outside and the bacteria carried in it.

Available in individual bag in White color. Dentac FoldaFace, gloves and single use
Profeet Boot Galosh are not included in the package.

• S, M, L, XL, XXL

• Air, droplet and dust proof
• Sealed Tape design
• Comfortable use
• It is not allergenic since it does not contain latex.
• Comfortable front zipper design with protection tape

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