Anticore Protective Gowns

Product Code: AT2010

Non-wowen fabric

The arms and face of it are rubbery.

Stitched with a nano needle.

Ultra Light 45 gr

Can be worn easily on the dress

Closes from head to waist

Available in Navy Blue, Red, Black and White

Breathable, liquid proof

Presented with kangaroo pocket

Available in S-M-L-XL sizes

Unisex Aesthetic Design



Anticore products that cover the nose, face and mouth completely protect you up to waist level. While the non-woven fabric provides air permeability, it provides liquid sealing. It is suitable for daily use and use in hospitals. It can be easily worn on a daily dress. Available in 4 different colors, so it appeals to all tastes. Because of its design, it is quite aesthetic. It can be used without hesitation throughout the day. The products in different sizes are suitable for children and adults. The kangaroo pocket on the product helps you store your personal products on the product without touching different areas from the outside. The product comes in plastic packaging. The product folds out of the kangaroo pocket, saving space in your closet.


The purpose of use should be for the protection of the body and certain parts of the face from the droplets and bacteria carried inside them. 


Packing Way: S-M-L-XL sizes in single packages



  • Ultra Light
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear
  • Available in 4 different Colors
  • Unisex Design

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