Provisor Mask

Product Code: DC2035

Leak-proof design

Provides protection against liquids, dust, gases and vapors

With adjustable rubber


Provides complete protection against small impacts

Can be used in interior work

Silicone interior design closes around the eyes and eliminates the discomfort.

Suitable for all face types

Consists of high quality material

The product has wide view

Thanks to its lightweight design, it does not create pressure on the face.



Provisor glasses protect the eyes especially against small bumps, steam, dust, gas and liquids. It is suitable to be worn on the face for a long time thanks to its silicone interior design. It is suitable for re-use when it is cleaned and disinfected. Thanks to the wide goggle structure, the viewing angle is quite wide. It has an adjustable design for each head size. Unisex design allows it to be used by everyone. Thanks to its lightweight design, it does not create weight on the head and face. Thanks to the hypoallergenic product material, it minimizes the risk of allergens. The nose pads are extra soft so they do not cause any discomfort in the nose during long use.


The purpose of use should be for the protection of the eyes from the droplets and bacteria carried inside them. 


Packing Way: Available in single packages



  • Air, water, steam and dust proof
  • Full eye protection against minor impacts
  • Can be disinfected
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provides wide view
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