Provisor Mask With Gripper

Product Code: DC2036

Provisor mask offers high protection for nose, eyes and mouth during treatments for single use.
Having the 10 micron visor thickness, the Provisor mask does not give mask sensation over the
face and gives wide visibility to the user. The mask come forward with offering both mask and visor
together and brings ease by composing them together. Simple design offers easy, quick use and
%99 filtered protection.
• Easy to use
• Easy eye, mount and nose protection
• Clear and bright provisor
• Single use
• Available in both gripper and band attachment
• Made with high quality material
• Mask has %99 filtration capability.
• Only 10 micron visor thickness
Purpose of use:
For the protection of the eye, nose and mouth from the drop particles coming f
rom outside and the bacteria carried in it.
Packing: Available in single bags in a 50pcs box
• Offers protection from drop particles
• Available in two different design
• 10 micron visor thickness for wider vision

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